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Cross section steep seam coal mining

  • Coal Mining - basics

    Excavator or front end loader coal mining with rear dump truck haulage Multiple coal sources available from a number of seams giving a uniform production rate Dilution from similar sources to open cut, but may be greater with steep dips due to through seam blasting Coal recovery generally greater than 90%


    guidelines concerning approximate original contour on steep-slope surface mine operations while outcrop of the lowest coal seam mined. The mined area is shown on the following figures. Premining Cross Section Postmining Cross Section Lowest coal seam to be mined .


    2.5.2 Coal Mining and Subsidence Effects 2-23 2.5.3 Underground Mine Access, Development Works and ROM Coal Handling 2-29 2.5.4 Major Underground Equipment 2-30 2.5.5 Coal Seam Gas Management 2-30 2.5.6 Ventilation Systems 2-32 2.5.7 Mine Dewatering 2-33 Figure 2-14 Longwall Mining Method Conceptual Cross Section and Plan Figure 2-15

  • Availability of the Springfield Coal for Mining in Illinois

    Cross section illustrating multiple, parallel faults displacing a coal seam Many fault zones consist of multiple parallel faults with varying amounts of displace-˜ ment. Although mines can mine through the zones, most companies find it uneco-˜ nomical to mine past the first or second displacement encountered. 0 500 1000 Feet

  • Availability of Coal Resources for Mining in Illinois

    7 Cross section illustrating multiple, parallel faults displacing a coal seam 13 8 Unmined areas adjacent to one of the faults in the Wabash Valley Fault System 14. ii Coal mining has been conducted in this area of the state since at least the 1800s. In addition to the Herrin and Springfield Coals, the Dekoven and Davis Coals and

  • Coal Mining in Cape Breton & colliery systems - Rolly

    Left, vertical cross-section seen from the side; Right, horizontal cross-section seen from above. LEFT: Most of the components could be made locally. A brick enclosure held the impeller which ran at a constant speed. The aperture at 'a' would be opened to increase the volume of air exhausted from the mine.

  • Learning Geology: Coal sampling techniques for different seams

    Jun 15, 2015· A channel of uniform cross-section is cut manually into the coal seam, and all the coal within the cut section is collected on a plastic sheet placed at the base of the channel. Most channels are around 1.0m across and samples should not be less than 15kg per meter of coal thickness.

  • CN105134206A - Thin coal seam coal mining machine drum

    The invention discloses a thin coal seam coal mining machine drum composed of an end plate, a spiral blade, a drum hub, cutting teeth, tooth holders and the like; the diameter of the drum hub is increased from the drum bottom to the end plate in a hyperbolic sine mode, an included angle of the section of the spiral blade with an inner cylindrical surface of the drum hub is not a right angle, a

  • Method of mining thick, steep and inclined coal seams

    FIELD: mining industry. SUBSTANCE: method includes driving of layer transporting and ventilation mines along soil and ceiling of bed, in massive and in extracted space, cutting of cleaning mines in cross-section of bed at angle of 27°, mechanized delivery of coal along bed mines to coal furnaces and vertical dropping of coal to furnaces.

  • Benwell's Lost Coal Mines A Walking Trail

    Drawing from Buddles papers showing cross-section of strata at Benwell with the High Main coal seam outcropping near St JamesChurch In this drawing the vertical line at the right hand side cuts through the strata below the Edward pit on the surface and the horizontal lines represent the coal seams and the high tide level of the River Tyne.

  • Through Seam Blasting - Dyno Nobel

    Seam Blasting. Through seam blasting improves mining efficiency by making it possible to blast through one or more coal seams during a single blast event. This is beneficial when coal seams are steeply dipping and enables blasts to be designed to a workable grade below the coal seam.

  • History of Longwall Coal Mining In Illinois - ILMINES WIKI

    Jan 27, 2021· Longwall Mining Method in Illinois. As was the case in Great Britain, longwall mining in Illinois used many different overall designs, but shared similar elements of removing all coal along a continuous face, placing or packing rock into the area where coal was removed, downward movement of the roof and overburden where the coal was removed and lowering of the ground surface.

  • Dragline Mining & Reclamation Mining

    May 10, 2018· Remove all seams and overburden down to the horizon upon which the dragline would operate by conventional equipment, and; Mine the lowest surface mineable seam on the property by dragline. The dragline operates at the Stockton Seam horizon and excavates down to the Coalburg seams. Reclamation is an ongoing part of the mining cycle.

  • Geomechanics of subsidence above single and multi-seam

    considered for both the transverse cross-section (i.e. parallel to the advancing face) and the longitudinal cross-section (i.e. a slice through the centre of the longwall). In order to capture the subsidence profile with the largest change in tilt, transverse cross-sections are considered here. 4. Single seam mining

  • Parameter Optimization and Numerical - Scientific.Net

    Mechanized mining of Longwall top coal caving mining method was used in 1201 work face of thick soft coal seam in Du Jiacun Mine. The face is back to the wind drift along the seam floor excavation, transport drift along the seam roof boring the two crossheading basic fullcoal roadway, due to the relatively soft coal body, joints fractured, coal strength is low, and the coal-rock inclination


    A north to south cross section, labeled as A to A' on Plate 6-1, is illustrated on Figure 6-1. This cross section displays the relative thicknesses of the formations and the stratigraphic position of the Rock Canyon coal seam.

  • Cross Section Steep Seam Coal Mining

    cross section steep seam coal mining Georgia Demarin. Cross Section Steep Seam Coal Mining High-resolution 3-D seismic survey over a coal mine . The block diagrams show a steep slope on . thinned the coal seam, thus impeding longwall mining. Fig-ure 2 shows a geologic cross section of the roll encountered Get.


    In drill hole 816c the zone of sandy shale (160.0-162.9) immediately above the Pratt coal seam had a sulfur content of 1.586 with an ABA of 33.56 and a net NP tons of (- -12,457). This is likely due to sample contamination from the coal seam. There is more than adequate net NP tons (14,468) from 145-160 to balance the potential acidity.

  • Coal Mining 101 The Coal Seam

    A cross-section of a standard longwall mining operation. The other major form of underground coal extraction is longwall mining. In longwall mines, equipment used in Room and Pillar mining is used to develop two or three parallel entries in a coal seam. The longwall mine

  • Faults (tectonic), Coal Mining Geology, Kentucky

    Jul 06, 2020· Discontinuities and obstacles: Where a fault intersects a mined coal seam, the coal seam will be offset, generally causing an abrupt end to the seam into rock on the other side of the fault plane.Because movement of the earths crust has occurred along the fault plane, rocks in the roof and floor may be highly fractured and sheared near the fault, which can weaken roof strata along the fault

  • The way the development of steep coal seam

    The invention is used in mining mining of coal and other minerals from steep seams. The method includes conducting excavations for transportation of coal and ventilation slaughtering, cutting lava angle 75 o to line stretch post in the direction of the proposed mining lava, installation of the Shearer with his suspension for traction and safety ropes, the notch coal miner when it moves upwards

  • Chapter 2

    mining where a shearer or cutting head is drawn across the face of a coal seam, a constant thickness of material is removed and will contain roof or floor rock in areas of decreased coal seam thickness. This extraneous material, often referred to as out of seam dilution, is a major source of coal refuse, particularly in the coarser (> 19

  • Coal Mining 101 The Coal Seam

    A cross section of a common room-and-pillar underground mine Room and pillar mining is defined by the fact that portions of the coal seam being extracted are left in place to support the roof of the mine.

  • WV chapter 5 final

    For underground mining operations, a cross section should extend through the entire area of proposed workings, including the maximum depth of cover. All geologic cross sections should label all coal seams and marine zones to be disturbed using presently recognized by the West ia Geologic and Economic Survey.

  • Coal Seam - an overview ScienceDirect Topics

    Layered coal seams and surrounding rock thickness range from less than 1 ft to over 150 ft. Figure 1 shows a typical cross section of coal seams interspersed in layers of sandstone and shale. Sign in to download full-size image Figure 1. Typical cross section of

  • Brief History of Longwall Coal Mining in Illinois

    often operated in the Colchester No. 2 Coal seam, but also operated in other coal seams; Assumption, Rock Island No. Lowell, Cardiff, Springfield No. 1, Herrin No. 5, and Danville 6 No. 7. The use of the term longwall, longwall or long wall in Illinois was used by the earliest mine-

  • Force-Fracture Characteristics of the Roof above Goaf in a

    For a steep coal seam (typically defined as a seam dipping at an angle larger than 45° [ 2 ]), the in situ stress in the main roof can be divided into two components: a shear component, which is parallel to the dip direction, and a normal component, which is perpendicular to the seam.

  • Failure mechanism of the largesection roadway under mined

    Coal Mine, Pingshuo Coal Mine, Jialing Coal Mine, etc Large-section coal roadway support under these mined zones in ultra-thick coal seam has become one of the influencing factors of ultra-thick coal seam mining. At present, there are many researches on the mechanism of roadway deformation and failure. Bai et al9,10 revealed the

  • WVGES::Interactive Coal Bed Mapping Project(CBMP)

    When you choose to make one of those layers visible and then active, use the inquiry tool on your selected feature on the map to read information pertaining to your selection. On most browsers, the hyperlinked number will be a different color (blue) and underlined. Click on that number and a page will pop up giving you access to one or more maps associated with your selected feature.

  • Applicant: Gunner-Reilly, Corp. Mine Name: Cane Creek Mine

    A-1, Cross-Section Drawing 1 of 3. Spoil material from cut no. 3 will be placed in the open pit from cut no. 2. Spoil material from the next cuts will be placed in subsequent open pits created from previous cuts. Mining will continue in this manner through cut no. 15. The mining direction will change beginning with cut no. 16 located

  • h ,' tFH:CTI'/E ' ' '.. r:~~-1~7 f1l&j - Utah

    However, in the South Crandall lease area both seams are mineable. The Hiawatha coal seam has been mined and is exposed at an approximate elevation of7,900 feet amsl (Appendix 6-1). Mining overburden above the Hiawatha coal seam in the penn it area consists of the Blackhawk Fonnation, Castlegate Sandstone, and the Upper Price River Member and

  • How does structure effects on coal seam and its mining?

    May 30, 2015· Such faults tend to have a curved cross-sectional profile, steep at the top and flatten progressively into bedding plane faults, often along the roof of a coal. In many cases such faults are partially eroded before the succeeding sediments are laid down. Seam splitting can also, in certain circumstances, be attributed to growth faulting.

  • Availability of the Herrin Coal for Mining in Illinois

    Cross section illustrating multiple, parallel faults displacing a coal seam Many fault zones consist of multiple parallel faults with varying amounts of displace- ment. Although mines can mine through the zones, most companies find it uneco- nomical to mine past the first or second displacement encountered.

  • (PDF) Ground Control in China's Coal Mine: Progress and

    cross-section roadway and pillarless or small pillar . mining technique. 5.2. Steep coal seam mining activities will frequently occur during the next few decades in China. In this study, both

  • Gas Drainage Technology in Fully Mechanized Caving Face

    CU2 coal seam is the main mining coal seam, the thickness of coal seam is 22 - 35 m, the average thickness is 28 m, seam dip is 80˚ - 90˚, the gas content of CU2 coal seam is 7.35 m 3 /t, gas content gradient is 1.65 m 3 /(, the gas pressure of coal seam is 0.85 Mpa. At present, the working face is W1091, the prepared working face is

  • Geology of the Leicestershire Coalfield - Northern Mine

    As was often the case in early coal mining, seams were named on a purely local basis and what later proved to be the same seam would have different names in different localities. A very important geological report on the coalfields was made by Fox-Strangeways in 1907 but the differences in the naming of the seams between the Eastern and Western

  • Considerations for Underground Coal Mines That Operate Near

    MSHA is concerned about the intersection of underground coal mines and CBM wells. When underground coal mines intersect inadequately plugged CBM wells, methane inundations, ignitions and explosions are possible. To avoid these signicant hazards, the coal mine operator shall take reasonable measures to locate all CBM wells on the 5

  • (PDF) Research on Top Coal Caving Technique in Steep and

    Horizontal section top-coal (HSTCC) caving offers a powerful method to efficiently excavate rude coal in steep and thick seams, and pre-blasting weakening has a profound effect on pursuing great

  • mining steep dipping seams - .africaentrepreneurs.

    Cross Section Steep Seam Coal Mining mining steep dipping seams. steep seam coal mining in western canada by open pit mining. steep seam coal mining in spain. cross section by the mining of coal seam with big dip angle (steep get a free quote mining mining More Info > Live Chat; ntc coal mining tiga pilar.

  • Multi-seam coal mining - SciELO

    Multi-seam coal mining J o u r n a l P a p e r The Journal of The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy VOLUME 111 APRIL 2011 233 Figure 3North-south cross-section No. 1 Figure 4North-south cross-section No. 2 Figure 5West-east cross-section No. 1

  • Introduction to Longwall Mining and Subsidence ver2

    and coal is extracted within the panel as the longwall equipment moves towards the main headings. This configuration is known as retreat mining. Typically, a longwall face retreats at a rate of 50 metres to 100 metres per week, depending on the seam thickness and mining conditions. The coal between the

  • Pittsburgh coal seam - Wikipedia

    The Pittsburgh Coal Seam is the thickest and most extensive coal bed in the Appalachian Basin; hence, it is the most economically important coal bed in the eastern United States.The Upper Pennsylvanian Pittsburgh coal bed of the Monongahela Group is extensive and continuous, extending over 11,000 mi 2 through 53 counties. It extends from Allegany County, Maryland to Belmont County, Ohio and

  • Coal mining along the Warfield Fault, Mingo County, West

    May 01, 2003· The cross section shows that the Warfield Fault is located near the central portion of the steep southern limb of the Warfield Anticline. The calculated seam slope reaches values in excess of 25%, matching the observations from the haulroad outcrop.

  • University of Wollongong Research Online

    The mine is accessed via a 4km, 1 in 8 grade road from the coastal highway. The topography is extremely rugged and the elevation of the portals is 412m above sea level. The Strongman 2 Mine plan is shown in Fig.2. A typical seam cross section is shown in Fig.3, showing shallow cover, steep grades and sublevels driven for extraction.


    3 Coal seams and rock units 4 Cross section of channels affecting Herrin Coal 18 Split coal at Old Ben Mine No. 11 19 Cross section of disturbed belt rock that protrude into the top of coal seams, producing steep dips or abruptly thin seams as well as poor roof conditions.

  • Aninnovativeequivalentwidthsupportingtechnologyforsustaini

    highly productive efficiency (HPE) mining (e.g., longwall top-coal caving mining in thick coal seams and full-seam mining in medium-thick coal seams) (Wang et al.2016; Yang et al. 2016b). Due to the large equipment used, the cross-sectional areas of roadways have been continually in-creased (e.g., open-off cuts and retreating roadways). For ex-

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